Sex Testing Collection Kit


Due to supply chain issues we are discontinuing our current box collection kits and will be providing customers with our bulk collection pre-numbered envelope as kits in the interim…Free Of Charge! 


All In One Kit                           

Easy sample collection for plant sex testing. Identify males 7-10 days after germination. Save money time and resources without having to wait for weeks to know if your plant is male or female. Also test for chemotype, CBDA and THCA genetic markers, find out if your plants are Type I            ( THCA dominant), Type II (hybrid of CBDA and THCA) or Type III (CBDA dominant).  Results are sent to your email.


Note that you are buying testing kits only at this time and will pay per sample as shown below.

Here’s how it works:

  • Purchase as many test kits as needed — each kit accommodates 16 samples.
  • Collect samples per instructions included with the kit.
  • Check off which test(s) you want perform on your samples.
  • Once we’ve received and tested your samples, we will invoice you and then send results via email. Cost per sample is listed below.


  • Sex Test Pricing:
    • 1–99 samples – $15 per sample
    • 50–999 samples – $10 per sample
    • Call or email for bulk pricing for 1,000+ samples
  • Chemotype Pricing:
    • 1-99 samples  –$35 per sample
    • 100-999 samples$28 per sample
    • Call or email for bulk pricing for 1,000+ samples

Shipping information

  •  2-5 Days USPS shipping per-order. Shipping rates only apply for domestic shipping.   For international shipping please email for pricing.
  • We pay return shipping for samples. Domestic shipping only.

Order test kits here. Each kit contains supplies for collecting up to 16 samples.


Additional information

Weight .25 oz
Dimensions 4.8125 × 4.0625 × 1.5 in